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In my search for a solution, I ran across a guy that's much smarter than I who developed a 3D printed case for the 18650 cell that the Epson uses.  In conversation with him, the drawback is the electronics in the original battery are not replicated in the 3D printed case.  Plus, I don't own a 3D printer. 

So...I hacked the battery itself.  Using quality 18650 cells, I replaced the failed cells in the Epson battery and presto-change-oh we're back in business.  HOWEVER, this is potentially dangerous as the cells may become damaged or explode due to heat from soldering.  Proceed at your own risk.

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Here's a PDF for the whole thing if you'd like to save it.


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Epson P6000/P7000 Surgery p-6000_B31B191002p-6000_B31B191002 If you have one of these, you already know you're a genius.  If you don't have one, or you stopped using yours because the storage was too's your ticket to easy RAW file backup in the field.  

The Epson P-6000/P-7000 Multimedia Storage Viewer allows photographers to back-up and view CF and SD cards with just the click of a few buttons.  No added software, no hunt for drivers, it just works.  The problem with these little brains is that they came with a small memory.  Originally made with either a 30 or 40 GB hard drive, the last version boasted a whopping 180GB hard drive right before Epson discontinued them in 2008.  They are a great tool for managing large numbers of files when using a computer is not feasible or practical.  I carry two of these on long shoots and just plug my 64 or 128 GB card in to them and press go.  Speedy back-ups and I can share the now easy-to-view images with clients or friends either in the field or back at the hotel by plugging the Epson into a modern TV.  But my secret that I now share with you is that I've upgraded the drives on these...substantially.  The two I carry to the field are 500GB drives.  Enough for a whole weekend with room to spare.  Armed with a charger, this duo is unstoppable.

The devices can be had in good condition on eBay, Craigs List, and FaceBook sales pages as well as pawn stores now and then.  They usually run about 100 with the charger (DON'T BUY ON UNLESS YOU GET THE CHARGER) and at least one battery.  You'll also need some cloning software.  Acronis and Macrium are good tools but there is also freeware out there that may do just as good.

This is a long post but I wanted to cover the whole process I use.  At the bottom is the slide show in PDF.

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The batteries for these are getting a little long in the tooth and if yours won't hold a full charge all weekend.  Don't despair!  Go here for a post on how to modify the batteries.

Don't be intimidated by the task.  It's very easy if you stay organized.  Once you're done, you'll have a great photographic tool for use in the field and you'll soon wonder how you got a long with it.  If you run into trouble, contact me through the web site and I'll do what I can to help.

Epson Multimedia Storage Viewer Modification PDF


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In the beginning... I started making pictures when I was in junior high school, doing candids and sports for the year book.  As a sophomore in high school, I was lucky to have one of those rare teachers who really wanted to help individual students learn.  Meet Bronda Thule.  For the next three years, Bronda taught me BrondaBronda Thule composition, light, and darkroom skills as I supported the school newspaper, yearbook, and Photography Club.  I also started my own business (Photography Unlimited) as a semi-pro photographer doing weddings and oddly, rock bands.  I wish I had understood the depth of Bronda's teaching back then, but it wasn't until I was much older that I realized she made Ansel Adams, Rembrandt, da Vinchi and many other artists "real" to us on a level we could absorb. I learned to see light instead of just subjects and to really compose instead of clicking the shutter.  Who knew?

I joined the Army right after high school.  During my career I was fortunate to be sent all over the world and I usually took a camera.  Some of the images here come from those years and as I made those pictures, Bronda's voice was always in my head telling me where I had missed the best shot!

When my service ended, I again started a photography business, shooting events, weddings, and my passion...landscapes.  I brought the lessons learned from hours in the darkroom to the digital workspace which evolves even as you read this.  Although shooting weddings allowed me to capture some of life's most emotional moments, the pace and style of today's wedding photography is not how I want to make pictures.  Realizing that my style of "contemplative" images wasn't going to last, I let the events go.  Today, I focus on the landscapes and nature photography you see here, along with some graphics work and media production.  

My beautiful wife Lori and I live with our two obnoxious Akitas in northern Nevada and enjoy traveling when ever we can.  I, of course, spend much of that time making pictures and being grateful for Bronda's presence in my images.

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